GP2 Biodegradable Waterless Hand Cleaner

Our range offers an eco – friendly biodegradable alternative to standard hazardous solvents covering every aspect from maintenance cleaning to sophisticated process

GP² Waterless Hand Cleaner is biodegradable, water based and solvent-free. Developed specifically for technicians, industrial professionals and any personnel needing a sanitising hand cleaner. It gently cleans the toughest dirt and grease, is non-toxic and prevents dry skin with its moisturising qualities.


GP² Waterless Hand Cleaner is safe enough to be used in a variety of industries from mining, industrial & engineering to hospitality, food & beverage, the motor industry, sports & recreation, hospitals, corporate cleaning and domestic use.

Bacteria Kill Rate


- 1ℓ
- 5ℓ
- 25ℓ
- 210ℓ
- 1000ℓ