GPBIO Aqua Solution

Green Chemistry—bringing sustainability to chemical products and processes.

Revolutionary proprietary bacterial additive for aquaculture applications which creates a healthier environment, reduces diseases, adds sparkle and visually cleans ponds, ornamental fish farms, tropical, marine aquariums and fish tanks.

Product Description:
GPBIO Aqua Solution is a natural, safe and highly effective biological additive for aquaculture environments which helps to add a beautiful sparkle to water and effectively cleans its target environment by enhancing the natural biological processes using a strain of proprietary bacteria in ponds, marine and tropical aquariums.

Current Global Challenges:
Global aquaculture is challenged around the world by poor water quality and the regular outbreak of diseases caused by bad pathogens. Using good and beneficial bacteria as a biological agent has massive advantages to address aquaculture challenges by improving water quality and reducing diseases caused by bad pathogenic bacteria.

Mode of Action:
The bacteria in GPBIO Aqua Solution are physiologically robust and are formulated into a very stable commercial product which is easily tolerant to the harsh environmental conditions required in its application. GPBIO Aqua Solu-tion uses the mode of competitive exclusion to kill off bad pathogens. What this means is that the good bacteria in GPBIO Aqua Solution display an exponentially higher growth rate and compete with, win and digest the food that bad bacteria need to survive. GPBIO Aqua Solution essentially starves bad pathogens of their food source and they eventually die off. GPBIO Aqua Solution functions across a wide range of physiological conditions, including salinity, pH and temperature. Optimum temperatures significantly add to the performance GPBIO Aqua Solution while relative fluctuations of salinity and pH do not have a significant performance impact which adds greatly to its overall benefit and attractiveness in application.

Product Features:
- Enhances water quality by reducing the concentration of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphates.
- Reduces solids and organic wastes.
- Pathogen inhibition action reducing pathogen load linked to disease.
- Reduces algae bloom proliferation.
- Promotes healthy fish growth and lowers mortality
- Biological filter maturation

GPBIO Aqua Solution will invaluably greatly contribute to a healthier and visually cleaner aquatic environment, in residential but especially commercial environments where health, a high growth rate, high stocking density and greatly reduced diseases and low environmental pollution is required. GPBIO Aqua Solution is essential for a rap-idly growing, high-value industry, and the health and survival of countless fish species which is a critical require-ment for the success of business and the preservation of our precious planet.
Green Chemistry—bringing sustainability to chemical products and processes.

Dosage & Directions:
- GPBIO Aqua Solution should be added directly to the reticulated water system once a week. The dosage can be safely increased up to five times for extreme potency based on water conditions.
- GPBIO Aqua Solution Powder turns blue once it is mixed in water and will clear after passing through the filter system.
- 1 gram treats 1m3 (1g per 1000 thousand litres)

Store in a dry, cool and dark place.