GPBIO Fat Trap Digester

Green Chemistry—bringing sustainability to chemical products and processes.

Odour reducing grease controller with an intelligent microbial consortium for rapid enzyme performance for use in grease, fat traps and drain lines.

Green Cleaning Technology:
Billions of years ago Mother Nature had already solved the problem of how to keep the Earth clean, naturally. Recent breakthroughs in science and technology have helped us to understand how this is made possible. By using the correct good or beneficial bacteria virtually any dirt build up, stain, odour, septic system, FOG’s (fats, oils, greases) or even hydrocarbon based oil stains can be safely cleaned, bio-degraded and removed quicker and more cost effectively than traditional harmful chemicals.

Bacterial cultures are uniquely cultivated from South African soils giving them a massive home ground performance advantage. They metabolise much faster, reproduce quicker and survive longer. Critically our products are EDTA free and are far more environmentally friendly. Our bacteria determines what type of organic problem they are being applied to, and then selectively produce the right combination of enzymes to effectively biodegrade their intended target. The process is similar to how your stomach automatically knows how to break down different food types, only our products are exponentially more powerful. The incredible thing is that once the target has effectively been neutralised, the only by-products of this process are water and carbon dioxide.

Product Description:
In general grease trap or drain line applications, the advanced consortium in GPBIO Fat Trap Digester produce the requisite main enzymes to rapidly degrade and break down the proteins, starches, fats, oils, and greases found in grease trap and fat trap environments, and use those components in turn as food sources. GPBIO Fat Trap Digester provides a "deep-cleaning" of floors, walls, food preparation surfaces, tables, etc. Penetrates, dissolves and removes tough soils from a variety of surfaces on a daily basis. Safe for use on any watersafe surface.

Foul odours are normally a huge problem in the kitchen and fat trap environment, especially in warmer months. You will notice an immediate improvement in foul odours which markedly improves with time. Organic wastes are utilised by our bacteria and enzyme consortium so wastes aren’t transferred downstream.

Benefits of Product:
- Reduces trapped grease, maintains free-flowing drains, and reduces foul odours
- Does not transfer the grease downstream
- Intelligent ingredients reduce the production of odours by inhibiting biological production of odour causing compounds
- Grease breakdown causes pH to drop, creating an environment that is inhibitory to undesired bacteria, but beneficial to our advanced bacteria
- Shows immediate visible reductions in grease when field tested in restaurant grease traps
- Fast - Provides a "deep cleaning" quickly penetrating porous surfaces and attacking greasy, slippery films.
- Safe - Bio-based using only 100% all-natural ingredients.

Recommended Application:
- Saturate area with product and mop in a normal manner or squeegee into drain.

- Spray surface and wipe with sponge or cleaning cloth.

Auto Floor Scrubber:
- For best results, employ the double-scrub method.

Foam Gun:
- Remove excess grime.
- Fill foam gun bottle.
- Spray onto all washable surfaces and let set for 5 minutes.
- Agitate with brush if necessary.
- Rinse thoroughly with water.
- Let surfaces air dry.