GPBIO Fizz-Tab

Green Chemistry—bringing sustainability to chemical products and processes.

A potent biological waste digester tablet for drains, toilets, sinks, urinals, baths, septic tanks, abattoirs and grease traps. Digests organic matter and removes odours.

Green Cleaning Technology:
Billions of years ago Mother Nature had already solved the problem of how to keep the Earth clean, naturally. Recent breakthroughs in science and technology have helped us to understand how this is made possible. By using the correct good or beneficial bacteria virtually any dirt build up, stain, odour, septic system, FOG’s (fats, oils, greases) or even hydrocarbon based oil stains can be safely cleaned, bio-degraded and removed quicker and more cost effectively than traditional harmful chemicals.

Ecozyme bacterial cultures are uniquely cultivated from South African soils giving them a massive home ground performance advantage. They metabolize much faster, reproduce quicker and survive longer. Critically our products are EDTA free and are far more environmentally friendly. Ecozyme manufacturing technology also creates local jobs and assists with the trade deficit, while addressing key national priorities of socio-economic improvement and sustainable environmental preservation.

Our bacteria are extremely intelligent. They determine what type of organic problem they are being applied to, and then selectively produce the right combination of enzymes to effectively biodegrade their intended target. The process is similar to how your stomach automatically knows how to break down different food types, only our products are exponentially more powerful. The incredible thing is that once the target has effectively been neutralized, the only by-products of this process are water and carbon dioxide!

Product Description:
GPBIO Fizz-Tab is a powerful biological water treatment in unique effervescent tablet form with a proprietary formulation that reduces the concentration of ammonium, nitrite, phosphate, COD, BOD, solids, drain clearing and odour abatement when applied to drains, toilets, sinks, urinals, baths, and septic tanks. Contains proprietary environmental isolates of naturally occurring bacteria belonging to the genus Bacillus produced by a fermentation process and harvested and formulated by supplementary proprietary down stream processes.

- Digests organic compounds
- Prevents and removes blockages
- Removes odours
- Super high CFU of > 1 x 108 /g
- Aerobic and anaerobic
- Non-hazardous
- Non-carcinogenic
- Non-genetically modified
- Non-pathogenic

Only apply GPBIO Fizz-Tab when the system and effluent discharge is inactive or at its quietest time. The product is applied by adding one effervescent tablet into 2 litres of lukewarm water. The tablet must be allowed to effervesce and dissolve completely into the water before being applied. Pour the contents into the area to be treated. Apply as required.

- Do not use together with acids, alkali, bleach or disinfectants.
- Keep away from children.

- Stable for 2 years at between 4 and 400 C in a sealed package.
- Stable for 6 months at between 4 and 400C once opened.

Packed in bulk bags of 100 tablets.