Green Chemistry—bringing sustainability to chemical products and processes.

A revolutionary probiotic all in one home cleaning product which slashes chemical costs while making cleaning safer and better. It will change the way you look at home cleaning forever.

Green Cleaning Technology:
Billions of years ago Mother Nature had already solved the problem of how to keep the Earth clean, naturally. Recent breakthroughs in science and technology have helped us to understand that using good probiotic bacteria will better clean virtually any dirt build up, stain, odour, septic system, fat, oil, or grease much better and more cost effectively than traditional harmful chemicals.

Save Costs, Clean Better:
The average chemical cost per house is many hundreds of Rands per month. Yearly this is many thousands of your hard earned Rands which could be better spent on more important things. There are many natural, probiotic and bio-enzyme cleaners currently available at major retail stores but these are very costly. Nearly all of them are imported which means they are subjected to a high and ever worsening exchange rate, making them very expensive. And consider how “green” a product is if it has to be shipped from the other side of the globe? Just think about the associated carbon footprint.

Product Description:
GPBIO Home is an incredible all in one probiotic bio enzyme liquid cleaner which replaces the numerous different traditional cleaners with one miracle product which will spotlessly clean everything in your house. GPBIO Home has an incredibly powerful and unique pleasant fragrance for a lasting all day clean house smell. It has an immensely powerful instant cleaning high foam action which is very welcome and favoured by users. The more you use GPBIO Home the cleaner and safer your home becomes.

Start Up Cleaning Package:
GPBIO Home is provided as a unique and special start up package which includes a clever decanting and spray bottle system. Precise dosing means saying goodbye to over or under diluted and wasted chemicals. Our unique refill system drastically reduces bottle wastage and the recycling impact on the environment.

Goodbye Plumbing Problems:
Blocked drains, showers and basins become a thing of the past when using GPBIO Home . Your household becomes a giant living eco-system with plumbing and odour problems becoming fundamentally eliminated. GPBIO Home probiotic bio enzymes are uniquely cultivated from South African soils giving them a huge home ground performance advantage. They break dirt down faster, reproduce quicker and live for longer in our unique climatic demands. Ecozyme probiotics carry the Eco-Choice logo as audited by The Heritage Environmental program which guarantees their safety and low environmental impact.

Recommended Applications:
- Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
- Bathroom & Shower Cleaner
- Toilet & Urinal Cleaner
- Floor & Tile Cleaner
- Septic Tank Treatment
- Glass, Mirror & Window Cleaner
- Kitchen Surface Cleaner
- Oven & Stove Cleaner
- Septic Tank Additive
- Drain Maintenance Cleaner
- Garbage Bin Cleaner
- Pet Spills & Odours
- Laundry Pre-spotter
- Cooler Boxes, Fridges & Freezers
- Braai Grid Cleaner
- Patio & Paving Cleaner