GPBIO Mop & Shine

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A special blend of quality ingredients for ease of use applying with a mop and bucket to maintain a top shine while extending the life of floor polish treatments.

GPBIO Mop & Shine is a floor maintenance product which is a specially formulated floor polishing product made from the finest ingredient waxes, polymers and resins. It can simply be applied with a mop and bucket without the need for specialized machinery.

Features & Benefits:
GPBIO Mop & Shine is easy to apply, needing only a floor mop and bucket to apply. GPBIO Mop & Shine imparts a great gloss quality film that protects floor tiles from scuffing and protects people from slipping. The wear life of certain finishes can be easily doubled when regularly applying GPBIO Mop & Shine to the floor to enhance it's ap-pearance. GPBIO Mop & Shine will help to reduce marking from shoes and other rubber of plastic articles that may dragged across the floor from time to time.



GPBIO Mop & Shine can be applied to any floor, from masonic to various plastic finishes, including PVC and PVA resin flooring, either for tiles or for roll-out section floors. GPBIO Mop & Shine can also be applied to stone and wooden Floors such as parquet flooring as well as certain terracotta finishes. GPBIO Mop & Shine can be applied in supermarkets, kitchens, hostels, hospitals, homes and hotels with equal confidence for a superior finish.

Use & Dilutions:
- GLAZING AND SHINING: GPBIO Mop & Shine is best applied to a clean floor after a thorough rinse to get the most satisfactory results. If GPBIO Mop & Shine is applied without thorough cleaning and rinsing then there is always the possibility that the gloss may be dulled as some of the polish will curdle rather than coa-lesce properly. Floors treated with GPBIO Mop & Shine may be buffed using a mechanical burnisher, supple-menting the shine with GPBIO Mop & Shine for best results. After 20 or so applications, it will be necessary to strip off all the polish using GPBIO Floor Stripper (either Ammoniated or Non-Ammoniated dependent on the environment), and then to re-apply GPBIO Mop & Shine after rinsing.

Shelf Life & Storage:
GPBIO Mop & Shine may be stored for up to one year in the original packaging, and under ambient conditions. Store between 10°C - 38°C.

Physical Properties:
- Physical State: Liquid
- Appearance: Milky white
- % Solids Content: As stated
- Specific Gravity: 0,97 - 1.01 kg/cm
- Solubility: Dispersable
- Odour: Slight wood glue-ish
- Boiling Point: N/A
- Flash Point: N/A

Available in 5Kg, 25Kg & 1000 Kg flow bins.