GPBIO San-A-Safe

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A potent, revolutionary natural sanitising and disinfecting agent which is non-toxic, for controlling all microorgan-isms across a wide variety of industries.

Product Description:
GPBIO San-A-Safe is a revolution in toxic free cleaning and decontamination, being the natural alternative widely used to control micro-organisms. GPBIO San-A-Safe provides viable alternatives to traditional cleaning products while solving general issues across a broad spectrum of tasks.

AOAC non-food sanitiser tests have demonstrated kill efficacy on: Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella chloeraesuis and Klebsiella pneumoniae. Viral testing demonstrates kill efficacy on Avian Influenza virus and Norwalk virus. Results of these tests are summarised in the following tables.

The product was challenged in triplicate for efficacy as a sanitizer on inanimate, non-food contact surfaces (EPA Guidelines DIS/TSS-10). An organic soil load of 5% blood serum was utilised. The product dilution with water was 32:1 or 4 ounces per gallon of water.


Bacteria Kill Rate In 60 Seconds
MRSA NCIMB 50143 99.9%
P. aeruginosa 99.9%
S. aureus 99.9%
Listeria 99.9%
Salmonella 99.9%
E.coli 0157 99.9%


The tests were designed to conform with EPA Guidelines DIS/TSS-7 and ASTM test method E 1053-91. An or-ganic soil load of 5% blood serum was utilised. A cytotoxicity control was performed. The product was diluted with water at 32:1


Virus Log10 Reduction
Avian Influenza virus >6.00
Norwalk virus 3.99998


Results are presented in the Table. The challenge fungus was confirmed by wet mount identification and colony morphology to be consistent with S. chartarum. The carrier counts averaged 5.2 x 105CFU/carrier. The inoculum counts averaged 6.5 x 10 FU/ml. The pre-test inoculum counts averaged 9.0 x 16 CFU/ml.


Challenge microorganism Lot No.31406D Lot No.31406E
S. chartarum 0/10 0/10


GPBIO San-A-Safe is a much safer product to use than existing disinfecting and sanitising methods as it presents no risk to children, pets or the operator during application, and has no harmful residual effect, it's so safe it can be sprayed around tradesmen while they work. GPBIO San-A-Safe is safe to use around children, pets, and food are-as, and is ideal to replace harsh disinfectants and sanitizers.


GPBIO San-A-Safe is not toxic to humans, plants or animals. The product is not washed from the surface it has sanitized, consequently it continues to sanitize until bacteria/pathogen loading exceeds the volume of GPBIO San-A-Safe present. It is food contact safe and non-hazardous if it enters waterways.

GPBIO San-A-Safe is highly effective against E-coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas and Listeria.

Mechanism of Action:
GPBIO San-A-Safe does not poison the organism, but acts mechanistically by destroying the cellular membrane of a micro-organism (cell wall intrusion). All ingredients are carried in a food safe naturally derived glycerin solvent which makes the active ingredient soluble in water.

Features of Product:
- Extremely powerful blend of plant extracts which uses a revolutionary technology
- Results in only 60 seconds of contact time, kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and viruses
- Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous
- Powerful cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing product called "Phytology" that creates a synergistic reaction
- Strong residual effect - continues to work for days after application
- Effective, safe hand sanitizer
- Water based, non-flammable, odourless