GPBIO Scale Remover

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An extremely powerful nontoxic food grade deep cleaning formulation for effectively removing all lime-scale and rust in a wide variety of applications.

Product Description:
GPBIO Scale Remover is a nontoxic food grade formulation for cleaning and brightening stainless steel equipment e.g. vessels, skips, conveyors, utensils etc. It is an excellent general descaler for tanks, pipes, elements, and heat exchanges etc. It is particularly useful for the removal of fish slime from fish boxes and dried blood from tiled surfaces in abattoirs.

Product Features:
- A highly effective acidic detergent
- Wide applications as a descaler
- Suitable for all water hardnesses
- Food safe – does not taint food surfaces (avoid direct food contact, rinse after using)
- Food grade formulation
- Non toxic

Directions for Use:
- Catering Industry: Use GPBIO Scale Remover in bain-maries, kettles, dishwashers – dilution is dependent upon the level of calcium deposits. Use at a dilution rate of 1% to 5% (10ml to 50ml / litre).

- For cleaning floors, walls and equipment: use at 1% to 2% (10ml to 20ml / litre) and apply manually by scrubbing or soaking. Use at ambient temperature and allow a 10 minute contact time, followed by thor-ough rinsing with clean water.

- Dairy Industry: GPBIO Scale Remover is an excellent milkstone remover. For occasional descaling of HTST plant, storage tanks and pipelines use a 1.0% v/v solution at 700C 800C. As an acidic clean in two stage cleaning following alkali, use a 0.5-1.0% v/v solution at 700C 800C. UHT plant - as acidic clean following alkali circulation. Use a 0.75-1.5% v/v solution. Churns - remove milkstone by soaking in warm solution (1.0% v/v) or operate churnwasher for 2-3 days using a 0.5% v/v solution.

- Brewing Industry: To descale fermenting vessels, maturation tanks, etc. circulate a 2.0-5.0% v/v solution for 30-45 mins. Where heavy scaling exists circulation may be repeated using the same acid if the descaling is incomplete. Paraflows - to descale both the liquor and product side a concentration of 5.0% v/v is recom-mended, circulated for 30-45 mins at up to 50oC. Routine cleaning - GPBIO Scale Remover is ideal for cleaning maturation tanks, mains, bright beer tanks, stainless keg fillers and bottle fillers. Used at 1.0-2.0% v/v, cold or warm, it will remove beerstone deposits and also light protein soiling. Suitable for cleaning brewery plant under a carbon dioxide atmosphere, enabling the carbon dioxide to be retained. Stainless steel and aluminium casks - soak in a hot 1.0- 2.0% v/v solution or run cask washer for a short period on a 0.5% v/v solution.

- Food Industry: GPBIO Scale Remover is a great general descaler for tanks, pipes, heat exchanges, etc. – it is particularly useful for the removal of fish slime from fish boxes and dried blood from tiled surfaces in ab-attoirs. In the latter case, use in undiluted form.

Directions for Use:
- Rust: This product performs exceptionally well in all rust removal applications.

Shelf Life:
- It is recommended that this product is used within 12 months from date of manufacture.
- Do not allow to freeze.

Precautions & Handling:
- Corrosive: handle with care, only by trained personnel
- Wear protective clothing
- Avoid strong bases, aluminium, zinc, magnesium and oxidising agents, marble
- Always test a small out of sight test patch for unlikely negative side effects before applying full scale.