GPBIO SurgiClean Solution

Green Chemistry—bringing sustainability to chemical products and processes.

A potent medical grade 3 strain enzyme system with 2 proteases and a lipase. Effectively removes all protein, blood, mucous and fat for many surgical applications.

Enzymatic Cleaning:
GPBIO SurgiClean Solution is a medical grade enzymatic cleaning product which can be used in many healthcare facilities and applications to aid in the cleaning of medical instrumentation and devices. It can also be used as a precursor to assist secondary detergents to function better, as well as for pre-soaks, during the manual cleaning of delicate items and endoscopes, and also for the first stage of most automated washer processing cycles. En-zymatic cleaners are an important part of most cleaning processes in healthcare facilities.

GPBIO SurgiClean Solution is made up from a variety of components, the most critical of which are the enzymes themselves. The enzymes are effective at very low concentrations and are not consumed during the cleaning process. Through the use of enzymes, reactions that would normally require an alkaline pH (hydrolysis, for in-stance) can take place rapidly at a neutral pH. This results in better compatibility with instrument component ma-terials and thorough cleaning with minimal mechanical action (brushing, spraying or agitation, for example).

The 2 proteases used in GPBIO SurgiClean Solution are non-specific – they cleave peptide bonds in a wide variety of protein soils such as blood, mucous, tissue and serum, while the lipase works by hydrolyzing ester bonds in fats and oils such as adipose tissue and triglycerides.

Intelligent Chemistry:
With the inclusion of intelligent chemistry GPBIO SurgiClean Solution can clean a broad spectrum of soils, includ-ing proteins and lipids. It acts at surface interfaces to lower the surface tensions and to help wet and penetrate soil on medical instruments. GPBIO SurgiClean Solution can also emulsify and solubilise water insoluble ingredi-ents such as lipids (both biological and synthetic) while enhancing the penetration of protein-based soils, which improves access to the peptide bonds and dissolves the proteins into solution as the enzymes break them down. This greatly speeds up the cleaning process, while also preventing soils from re-depositing on instrument sur-faces once they have been removed, by keeping the soil suspended in the water.


Features of Product:
- Contains 2 proteases to cover a wider range of potential PH levels.
- Unique buffering formulation maintains the pH at a level that allows the product to be most effective.
- Enzymes can be effective over a wider range of temperatures.
- Excellent surface penetrating capabilities.
- High enzyme activity including protease and lipase.

Optimum Conditions for use:

- The optimal range for use of protease enzymes is between 38°C and 60°C.
- Protease enzymes are more effective on protein soils as temperatures are increased from room tempera-ture to 60°C.
- Do not exceed 65°C.

Green Cleaning:
With their neutral pH and the ability of enzymes to be readily broken down as part of an effluent stream, incorpo-rating bio-degradable intelligent chemistry GPBIO SurgiClean Solution is the ideal product for the environmentally conscious.

Storage and Handling:
- Store at room temperature.
- Avoid eye, skin and clothing contact.
- Wear appropriate eye protection.
- Avoid generating breathing mists.
- Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling.