GPBIO Urinal Fragrance

Green Chemistry—bringing sustainability to chemical products and processes.

Breakthrough bio-enzyme urinal technology with potent new GPBIO Urinal Fragrance system. Super sized enzyme block now stronger smelling than most urinal mats, longer lasting with Ultra High Compression Technology.

Green Cleaning Technology:
GPBIO bacterial cultures are uniquely cultivated from South African soils giving them a massive home ground per-formance advantage. They metabolize urinal waste causing odours much faster, reproduce quicker and survive in drains and bottle traps far longer.

Powerful Fragrance System:
GPBIO Urinal Fragrance contains a breakthrough new fragrance system comparable to or even stronger than most urinal mats with unique GPBIO infused technology. Our proprietary fragrance ensures the ultimate in olfactory per-formance.

Actually Eliminates Odours:
Conventional urinal mats contain perfume only which just serves to mask but never get rid of urinal odours. Over time the odour problem actually gets worse. Our proprietary blend of bio-enzymes digest odour causing bacteria and completely eliminate odours. Active ingredients de-scale and visually clean urinal surfaces while attacking and removing clogged wastes.

Lasts Longer:
GPBIO Urinal Fragrance adds real value for money. They have an industry leading total CFU bacterial count and are packaged into super sized 100g blocks. Ultra High Compression Technology ensure GPBIO bio-enzyme blocks now last much longer than competing products.


Made in South Africa:
GPBIO Urinal Fragrance is made from start in South Africa. We avoid costly and fluctuating Rand / Dollar ex-change rates and ever increasing expensive shipping charges. GPBIO manufacturing technology also creates local jobs and assists with the trade deficit, while addressing key national priorities of socio-economic improvement and sustainable environmental preservation.

Build Your Company Brand:
GPBIO Urinal Fragrance is uniquely able to be branded with your corporate logo and contact details for an invalu-able way of easily increasing sales and building your brand image. Marketing companies charge a fortune for the advertising wall space in front of urinals. This becomes your invaluable free and highly captive advertising space. They are also available in a spectacular high end chrome finish.

GPBIO Urinal Fragrance has no PDB (Paradichlorabenzene), a harmful substance used in deo blocks which was banned in most USA states in January 2009. Conventional deo blocks are known to actually cause blockages and don’t remove odours. And just think about the huge carbon footprint of imported urinal products. How green is a product really if it has to be shipped from the other side of the world?

Waterless Urinal System:
Waterless urinal systems are expensive, require complex plumbing which often results in continuously leaking pipes, and their performance is questionable. Fact: floor and wall grouting around urinals contributes a huge amount to odours and can’t be effectively cleaned with chemicals, only deep penetrating bacteria. GPBIO Urinal Fragrance bacterial liquid eliminates grouting odours and when used for floor care the effluent water after mop-ping is poured into urinals, enabling the clean water supply to be turned off for massive cost savings. GPBIO Urinal Fragrance is fitted in seconds and doesn’t alter plumbing. This two punch combination is simply the ultimate bath-room odour elimination system.