GPBIO Virus Disinfectant

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Super powerful, new generation disinfectant agent which is biodegradable and suitable for a very wide variety of diverse applications.

Proprietary Formulation:
GPBIO Virus Disinfectant is an immensely powerful new generation disinfectant agent which is recommended for use against 3 families of pathogens in the presence of organic matter. It is biodegradable and is much kinder to the environment. It is suitable for a very wide variety of agricultural and hospital applications.

GPBIO Virus Disinfectant is active at very low concentrations:
- Viruses: from 0.5% to 2% (1 :200 to 1:50)
- Bacteria and fungi: at 0.5% (1:200)

Product Characteristics:
- Quaternary Ammonium: GPBIO Virus Disinfectant is a new generation of QACs with a vastly increased ger-micidal activity. It is active in very hostile conditions (in presence of organic matter and/or hard water). It is also active on coated viruses, naked viruses, on Gram+ and Grambacteria, bacterial spores and fungi.

- Glutaraldehyde: Broad spectrum including Gram+ and Gram bacteria, bacterial spores and naked viruses (parvovirus, entero-virus)

- Terpene derivatives: Antiseptic, antiviral and bactericidal activity. It is also effective as an insect repellent. It has the capacity to stick to vertical surfaces, and delay the evaporation of the product. The association of quaternary ammoniums and glutaraldehyde improves the respective spectrum of the components. It helps to be more effective against all bacterial, fungicidal and viral targets even in the presence of interfering or-ganic matters.


Features of Product:
- Stable for several years (4 years) at room ambient temperature.
- Wide spectrum of action (bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal) with specific effect against important epidemiol-ogical diseases.
- High efficacy at low concentration
- Biodegradable
- Chemically stable and noncorrosive
- Effective even in the presence of organic matter and hard water.

Recommended Applications:
Due to its broad spectrum of activity and its safe usage, GPBIO Virus Disinfectant is recommended in the following areas:
- Animal housing and farms: Pig farming: breeding, farrowing and fattening units Poultry farming: breeder farms, layers, broilers, hatcheries. Others: horse stables, dairy and beef cattle farms, rabbit farms, cat-teries.

- Veterinary clinics: For the prevention of cross-contamination between patients, especially in the case of canine parvovirus infection.

- Food Hygiene: GPBIO Virus Disinfectant is ideal for the disinfection of slaughter houses, cold storage rooms, food and feed transport trucks.

Available in 5L, 25L & 208L containers.